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Interview de Sébastien Izambard (Il Divo) in French

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Posted 29 October 2014 - 05:12 PM

Sebastien's interview with the Idol Magazine


moviebuff asked me to post this interview. So here you are!


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Posted 30 October 2014 - 03:21 PM

Thank you  Kandy, very nice of you !

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Thanks to Mari for my beautiful Siggie

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Posted 30 October 2014 - 03:48 PM

Thank you Kandy and Rosemarie for sharing this interview ! :D

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Posted 30 October 2014 - 09:08 PM

You're welcome! Is there anyone who can translate this?
It would be very much aprreciated!


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Posted 31 October 2014 - 02:39 AM

Translation via Google!..Not Me!!! ;)  :lol: 



Il Divo, the group led by Sébastien Izambard, Urs Bühler and tenors David Miller and baritone Carlos Marin, will shortly publish his album "A Musical Affair", an album dedicated to musicals which will benefit from a French edition, with duets with Helene Segara, Florent Pagny, Vincent Niclo, Lisa Angell, Anggun or Barbra Streisand. We were to meet Sébastien Izambard to discuss the project and the tour that frames. The opportunity will be good to talk to her first solo album, "Free" published in the early 2000s and his participation in the musical by Richard Cocciante "Le Petit Prince".Sebastien will explain how a Pop Rock universe, he joined a Pop Opera project.Meeting with a French artist a hit around the world. In a little over ten years, Il Divo has sold over 26 million records ...


You had already taken up with Il Divo on some tracks from previous albums of musicals, I am thinking of "Do not cry for me Argentina" and "Somewhere." How the idea of ​​a truly devote album musicals did she get on the carpet?

It's pretty simple ... We always had this idea of ​​having a theme album. The first time we took as a musical, it was "Somewhere." We incorporated this song in our show without actually downstream of our record in England. They told us that it was not a good idea, that it would never work. As we are producers of our show, we decided to include this song on tour and the success has been phenomenal. There, we said it was something with musicals. Later, we took another, "Do not cry for me Argentina". The success was such. We thought that people really liked this style and should make an album dedicated to musicals. Everything is done as and gradually. Here, we are excited because people love this new directory. They seem to spend a great time when they come to the show. We are on tour since January. All these songs are sung musicals.


And you, personally, is a directory that speaks to you? Do you like musicals?

Yes, I like it. As you know, 21 years ago I released a solo album. And I followed up with the preparation of a second. I struggled a lot. I was at EMI and was looking for another label, I'd go to Universal. In this period between the two, I did not know how to get out. I did not know what to do in reality. And then I had this incredible opportunity to participate in the comedy of Richard Cocciante, "The Little Prince". I was able to touch the world of musical comedy with this show. We played at the Casino de Paris for six / eight months. It was exceptional. I loved this experience. By cons, before, I did not have a great knowledge of the musical. When I started with Il Divo, Carlos, who, he sang in a lot of musicals, took me to see "Les Miserables," "Mary Poppins", etc ... We always see children or adults who adopt a character. I like this style.


What is your fondest memory of musical?

"Le Petit Prince". This is a unique and beautiful story.Moreover, it is one of my favorite stories of children.There are many things in this book. There is already a great story, but it has a philosophical significance too.Some sentences Little Prince are very strong.

Although this is changing in recent years, the musical is not really rooted in the French musical culture.What do you attribute the?

It is cultural, I think ... I have a picture of French, and I put in the package, a bit special! I remember a time when people came here and they were yelled at because they do not speak our language ... (smile) They threw a menu in the face and they were asked what they had chosen. Now things begin to change. If we want tourists to have a better image of France, must show ourselves more open. But that is changing. France is a very conservative country. It's not really open to the world. But it appears more and more over the years. It's crazy because if we did two hundred kilometers and we're going to Belgium or Holland, it is not at all the same mentality. And besides, everyone says, but it's true, this is the best European public! (Smile) When we played in Brussels and Amsterdam, it was a crazy thing. I am delighted that the French are starting to open a little more on the European and world community. So, musically, we discover other things. You know, I work in the US ... and there, the wand, they know not to do it! (Laughs) Every country has its own culture eventually. And this is what makes the strength of a nation. Here, we do not really have the culture of the musical, but there are other things. You know, I'll draw a parallel with Il Divo. We're mixing pop and opera. This is not always seen ... But I am convinced that thanks to us, and other similar projects, people are a little more at the Opera. Doors are opened gently, without that being aggressive. It's the same thing for musicals in France. Shows like "Notre-Dame-de-Paris" or "The 10 Commandments" have great work here.


"A Musical Affair" was released last year in the world today and comes with a special edition for the French market. What will you find it?

There will be "L'envie d'aimer", among others. This is undoubtedly one of the best songs on the album. The orchestration has been done on this title is exceptional. This version with four guys and a woman never existed. It is exceptional. It's beautiful, very sincerely. Then we obviously find "Belle". Such, we are in the same directory. There is Florent Pagny just sing with us. It could be worse ... (laughs) I remember very well ... We were recording songs in French and I called Florent asking him if he would be interested to work with us, because I knew before. He said he would be really happy to do it. He was just starting his tour and he did not know when he could. Finally, he took the time and the result is sublime. This is a very different version of the original version. I called him the day after his record to tell him how I felt what he did was amazing! Anggun sings with us on "Who wants to live forever" by Queen. It was a song we sang already on the international version of the album, but we do singing four of us. There is another adaptation. Anggun is an exceptional artist.She is beautiful, she sings well. We are very pleased to have worked with her. Lisa Angell same. She sings the song of The Lion King, "Can you feel the love tonight". "Memory" is sing with Helene Segara. She has a voiceamazing.

Vincent Niclo is there too.

Yes. He came to sing "Time of the Cathedrals" with us. It's beautiful too. Vincent, it's funny because we're there we crossed again a year on a TV tray in Germany with a lady called Helene Fischer. We talked because we were known for our infancy. He sang in a musical and me too. I asked him what he became, and he told me about his album cartonnait in France and around the world. I told him it would be nice to do something together one day since he did was ultimately not very far from what we have done for years with Il Divo. And then, a year later, we find ourselves sharing a title on the disc. It's pretty funny.It's very nice ...


Found on this disc also a duet with Barbra Streisand ...

Oh yes ... It's amazing this song ... This woman is amazing too ...



You accompanied on stage late 2006. I guess that would be a great time!

You can say! Our manager came a day around us saying that we would sing with Barbra Streisand.Immediately, we thought we would ensure its chorus, the first part or something like that. We were thrilled!(Smile) It was anxious because we were going to play at Madison Square Garden in New York and in theaters crazy. But no, we have not done his or her first chorus part ... We sang it with his own songs. In addition, she was kind enough to allow us the stage to sing a few songs. So we really shared the stage with Barbra Streisand. It's just impossible. But that was the reality. We lived a dream. What an experience! Barbara Streisand is an extraordinary woman. She has an exceptional voice, that everyone knows, but it is also a very nice person. It was certainly a wonderful experience.


Earlier, you told me to "L'envie d'aimer", which was one of the most beautiful songs for you. It was written by Lionel Florence.You worked with Lionel Florence on your first album, "Free". What do you remember of this adventure? Because I listened to this album yesterday, and frankly, it was not bad at all ...

I'm glad you told me that ... Even if it gives me some balls! (Smile) The record company who signed me was back with me on this record. But when it was discussed to ensure the promo, everyone got fired. There was no one to work on this disc. With hindsight, it gives me the ball because I think he could walk, and it was not the case. He did not find its audience, as they say. But I remain proud. It is true that there are things in the text that I did not say in the same way today. I do not have the same age. Here I am 41 years old at the time, I was 21. So the view is different. But I remain very proud. I made everything except for a song. I worked pretty hard on this ... Well ... It's ancient history. I hope so that people who read this interview will want to listen ...


You always compounds as of today?

Yes. I always made a lot. I work a lot with other people in California. It is always my great passion. And I hope one day maybe out a disc. Let's say I remain proud of this album was released in France in the early 2000s I would do duets too. I miss singing in French. Terribly.

Thou course the world today and you produce the four corners of the planet, always guard you an ear on what's happening musically here in France?

Always. I am a composer and so every week I go to iTunes and look at the tracks that are in the Top 10 of all countries. I listen to all the albums or singles. It is a true mania in me. I know exactly what is happening in Japan, the US, England and France. I discovered all the time crazy stuff ... I'll even tell you a secret, my mother spoke to me long for a song about a guy she loved, Stromae. And so we, with Il Divo, we store our records in Belgium, the ICP studios. Every morning we took our breakfast bar and we played football with a great guy super nice, I do not know ... It was him, Stromae! We talked earlier cultural exception with France ... the French music is her too. It is known and recognized worldwide. We are fortunate to have an incredibly rich language.We did not always renders account, but precisely to express an idea or feeling, it was at our disposal dozens of words. This is rare. This is something not found in other languages. French is an incredible subtlety. In English, we must remain on something general, not in French.


You told me earlier that you continued to compose. Although Il Divo sang some original songs, is it possible you go out an album composed entirely of original songs, and maybe composed by you?

(Laughs) An album of original songs, why not? We also sing very often. For ten years, there is always original songs on our albums. This is the only one that does not contain. Often people think that they are over. When you take a song like "Mama", many believe that this is a cover. Well no, it's a song that was written for us. And there are plenty of others. By cons, writing for Il Divo ... I've tried and it's difficult. I do not have enough experience, I think. And I do not see where I could take the group. I think I would do a song too much like what we've done. I think it is not the best solution, write myself a song with Il Divo. This is when someone writes a song is that it takes you into another world. And, I do not think I am capable. Not yet, anyway. Well ... you should never say never. So perhaps. There, I have an idea, but I do not know if it will materialize.


After "Free" and "The Little Prince", you built Il Divo. Under what circumstances was it? Because you're the only one not to have training on the four lyrical and Il Divo is actually very far from anything you have done before.

I slept! It's as simple as that! (Laughter) No, I have not slept ... I had a casting! I was just working on my second album with Universal. I had some beautiful songs which are also output on the internet. I wish they emerge differently, but hey ... It's like that. I worked with a very, very talented guy, Francis Maggiulli. We had written songs together. And it is at this time that I had a cast that was held at the Paris Opera. I sang "Caruso", one of my favorite songs. I was accompanied me on the piano myself. It was not very good, but the guy immediately liked my personality. It was the right arm of Simon Cowell. There, he asked me if I could move to London the next day. I told him no, that I was rather come for fun. And I think the fact of not having the pressure and did not really want to participate in the project freed me everything. He was looking for a guy like me for two years. My pop side was immediately liked him. Then we talked about the project more seriously, I agreed and I worked a lot. And for more than ten years, the group exists ... We're working a lot. It never stops. We know we have a lot of luck. We do what we like, so we're working like crazy to people not emmerdent is when they come to us. We never twice the same. This is important. It provides the means to get there and make people happy.

So you will happen on stage at the Zenith on November 2. What will he do next? Surprises are they considered?

I wish there were some surprises, but the problem is time. Here I am in Paris and six hours, we will be on stage at Nottingham and Manchester and Brighton. So ... we just came on a day off for the promotion of the album. It was not idle! I think the time will be missed as a surprise. We have already discussed what we would do, but it's just a problem with availability of other artists. We have to find the time. By cons, people will have a great show, that I can guarantee. We never came up with this show in France, but we turn with since January worldwide.People feast! I think they'll have a good time.


"A Musical Affair" was released worldwide last year, it was released in France now, you are in full tour, but do you have as a result that you will give this record and this tour?

Yes. There is even a very, very specific ideas. Here, we try to find the place where they will do with any producer. We have ideas of strings and things like that. And I think people will be surprised because it will still be different from anything that has been proposed. I think it will kill them. To tell you ... I can not wait to go on tour with this next album that has not even registered!

Can you tell me a little more?

We must keep it a surprise ... All I can tell you is that it will be sexy!

Interview by Luke Dehon October 21, 2014. 
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Posted 31 October 2014 - 02:45 AM

Thank you Louise for the translation! Google! Should have thought of it!


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Posted 31 October 2014 - 09:01 AM

OMG! I always hoped they would record "Belle." And L'envie d;aimer and Cathedral! This is going to be fabulous!

Does anyone know if it's been released yet? And if it will be available in the States?

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Posted 31 October 2014 - 09:06 AM

A Musical Affair (French Version) - album teaser

Released Nov.24 in France. Dec.3 in Japan. I'm not quite sure when it is in USA


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Posted 31 October 2014 - 11:11 AM

Un grand merci pour cette intéressante interview !

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