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IL Divo - A Musical Affair: The Greatest Songs of Broadway Live,at The Marquis Theater In New York City.Thursday November 7th

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Posted 04 September 2013 - 02:11 PM

For concert reports, photos and videos.
The previous chat in this thread has been  deleted to make way for reports and photos.
Please can we ask that you 
DO NOT quote the posts/pictures, as this makes it harder for others to read, while scrolling through all the quotes.....any found will be deleted without further communication.
Most of all.........ENJOY!!!!!!    ;)
















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Posted 05 September 2013 - 11:31 AM


S e a t t l e, U S A

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Posted 20 September 2013 - 04:48 AM



Sebastien Izambard, Carlos Marin, Urs Buhler and David Miller from Il Divo attending the Il Divo "A Musical Affair" Press Conference at Sardi's in New York City on September 19, 2013

Sebastien Izambard, Carlos Marin, Urs Buhler and David Miller from Il Divo attending the Il Divo "A Musical Affair" Press Conference at Sardi's in New York City on September 19, 2013


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Posted 20 September 2013 - 06:36 PM

Interview the guys did at Sardi's yesterday......


Mods, should we have a thread in this cluster but just for general show chat as opposed to specific dates?  I feel like I'm cluttering a bit......



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Posted 25 September 2013 - 08:09 AM

Thanks for the interview Laurene, love it!
.. 2014 concerts: Osaka March 4th, Toronto May 21st, Vienna Oct 1st & Amsterdam Oct 16th :)! ..

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Posted 03 October 2013 - 10:19 PM

Hello Ladies



Like an unexpectable surprise, Iam going to go to NYC to Nov. 7th Concert.


At job, this time of the year we always go to our branch in Toronto for picking up the Financial info for bringing it to Mexico and join it with the other mexican branches and USA ones and to plan economical heading for 2014 before Dec. 15th. For saying "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" and have days  off 'till January 2nd


But this time, my bosses invited me to the concert before taking off to Canada. Since Nov. 9th 'till 16th.


Actually , I did not expect that my bosses told me that before going to work at Toronto , we would go to first to New York to the concert . From that point, to see the Boys on Broadway  is wonderful, and paid by the company , even better.

But this great chance is conditioned. They give me a great pleasure to work in Canada 'cause it will be very heavy and possibly work for 10-12 hrs a day. And for that I would not complain and go to work overtime , take me to the concert first , and then to work as a slave.

This procedure already know , I know very well . In this world nothing is free , but by first, to go to the United States rather than Canada, which  is a well-known travel , to do so out of the ordinary ,is a great chance and I prefer to see it with optimistic point. Because if I do not, I will go by force and I will not enjoy these opportunities. I think it's the best.

The bosses already have the plane tickets , reservations at the Marquis Marriot Broadway. I just need to come in the mail the tickets to the concert.


See you ladies and I will be writing my reports according to I have news about my sweet-bitter  travel to NYC and my 10th one to Toronto



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Posted 08 November 2013 - 12:44 AM

So I'll make a short report since it's after 12am and I have to be up in a few hours for work. I'm sure others will write a more detailed report. The concert was wonderful. The venue was small but I personally like the smaller venues. I would have to say my favorite songs of the night were "Bring Him Home" and "The Music of the Night." David started off "Bring Him Home" in English not Spanish as on the album. It brought me back to when I saw him perform this song at his solo concert back in '07. "The Music of the Night" was really great. The balance between Heather Headley and the Divos was good. And if you're an Uber, you're going to love The Music of the Night.

It was nice hearing The Winner Takes It All and The Impossible Dream again since we haven't heard that since the '09 tour. I also loved hearing the personal stories from the guys about how they got into music and their career pre-Il Divo.

If there's anything I would say that I didn't like was the fact that there were times where you couldn't really see the guys due to the fog/smoke and I was in the front row. Maybe others felt the same way? I don't know.

Overall I was happy to see the Divos again and I can't wait to see them again tomorrow night!!





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Posted 08 November 2013 - 12:53 AM

A few pics...









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Posted 08 November 2013 - 08:10 AM

Brian Burke out did himself with the set design and the graphics on the screens . I did see Brian after the concert outside the venue  and told him he did fantastic job with the design.  If you liked what Brian did for the Wicked Game tour and are going to LOVE the stage design for the Broadway tour I can't remember how many times I said "WOW" because of what the stage looked like.  I think understand now what Daivid's tweet means when he tweeted this Favorite quote of today's staging: "the silk may kill you!"  There is a point during the shows when there are long red sheer curtains hanging down and the guys are standing and moving around the curtain

   There were times during the night when the guys were singing in the dark because the spot light was not on them.  Just a little hiccup with the lightening but it was opening night and I am sure that little detail will be fixed.


There was a point during Seb's speech when he was talking about what got him into music.  Well and one point he said he liked to sing the "Tony" parts of West Side Story in the shower and said "I am sure you would not want to be there"  I said to the people around me "Wanna Bet" but somehow Seb heard me and said "I heard that".  I was sitting in the back of the theatre but the sound mixing board was right by me so I guess Seb heard me through his ear piece monitors.

I have some vids from the first half of the show but not sure when I am going to have time to upload them to YT.  The camera police made me stop shooting half way through "Who Wants To Live Forever" so I took pics after that but not that many came out good.  I have one more chance to take pics and vids on Saturday and hoping to get better pics and really want to get Bring Him Home on video that sound was amazing



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Posted 08 November 2013 - 01:01 PM



SET LIST - November 7, 2013




Some Enchanted Evening

If Ever I Would Leave You

Who Can I Turn To?

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

Can You Feel the Love Tonight (with Heather Headley)

Home (HH solo)

Memory (with HH)

Unchained Melody

Impossible Dream




Who Wants to Live Forever

Love Changes Everything

The Winner Takes It All

Bring Him Home

Music of the Night (with HH)

Run to You (HH solo)

Over the Rainbow

I Will Always Love You


My Way



You’ll Never Walk Alone


S e a t t l e, U S A

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Posted 08 November 2013 - 03:54 PM


A Musical Affair

November 7, 2013

Marquis Theatre - New York City


The Marquis is a smallish theatre, as are most of the Broadway theatres, seating about 1600 and situated on the third floor of the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square.  It’s very modern with quite a small lobby.  I was told that the only beverages allowed inside the theatre are water and vodka.  Presumably a vodka company sponsors the theatre, but I never made it to the bar, having already had a pre-concert drink in the revolving restaurant on the 48th floor.  That’s a hard act to follow, but Il Divo did it quite successfully.


I have not heard this new album yet, having received an e-mail with a download link on Monday, which link never worked, and of course Customer Service has yet to reply to my inquiry.  So I didn’t have a strong feeling whether I liked ID’s versions of these songs, athough I love the repertoire, having attended musical theatre all my life.


Well, there wasn’t the usual opening night buzz, probably because there weren’t that many loyal divas in the audience, but the place looked full to me.  Someone told me it was a sell-out, or near enough, anyway.  There were quite a few familiar faces in the front rows.  I was seated front row of the right section just on the aisle, and it was nicer than you would think because the venue/stage wasn’t huge.


We had live musicians in the pit — horns and percussion — and Andrew Small with his drum kit was right in front of me and down in the pit, so I had a full-on drums experience to the point where it began to be kind of annoying.


Anyway, on with the show.  It started almost 15 minutes late, and as the overture played I felt that old familiar feeling of anticipation combined with finger-crossing that no one would walk into a scrim or fall into the orchestra pit.  (You know who.)


First song was Tonight, appropriately enough, and they started in a UDCS formation with all the graphics around them showing black-and-white NY nighttime skyline scenes.  Delicious.  The guys started the show wearing white tie and tails.  Yummy!


The graphics were displayed on LED board kind of things (I don’t know the technical term but we’ve seen this type before) arranged in a pattern of five above the stage, and then the lower part of the set had a big array all the way across that displayed graphics as well.  The upper five were arranged in different patterns and moved around a lot.


OK, next was Some Enchanted Evening.  Graphics were a full moon above and blue, rippling water below, very lovely.  Partway through the song, the moon “rose” to reveal all the strings players sitting on the upper stage.  Well, I knew they weren’t in the pit; they had to be somewhere lol


Next came our first chat, a David chat, in which he talked about being introduced to musical theatre in high school.  His choir director recognized that he had a voice and encouraged him as a freshman, age 15, to audition for the school musical show, but he chickened out.  Next year as a sophomore he finally auditioned and sang If Ever I Would Leave You, terribly nervous and having to restart it twice, but he won the role of Rooster in Annie.


He also talked about how the occasional musical theatre song they put into a concert set always got a huge reaction, leading to their doing a full album of the material, and how it really suits them because musical theatre covers everything from opera originally right up to rock and roll, and everything else in between.


While David chatted, the other three had been changing into tux with black tie.  While they started the next song, David scooted backstage and changed his suit as well.  Costume Change #1.


If Ever I Would Leave You was next, with the graphics starting out with beautiful stained-glass rose window images.  This song is from Camelot, so the windows were time-period appropriate.


Who Can I Turn To followed, and I loved the staging because this is where long red panels of illuminated sheer fabric fell from above to touch the floor, and while the guys were singing they wandered in and out among the panels, disappearing, reappearing, playing peekaboo and kind of do-si-do’ing around the set.  


Don’t Cry For Me Argentina was next, with Urs standing by himself on the upper stage between the two banks of string players.  


Carlos and Urs (?) started the next song, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, with Heather joining them after a few bars, followed by Seb and David.  I was nervous about this one, because one version we had heard on the Web sounded badly balanced and kind of screechy, but live it sounded very nice and the blend was good.  Whew.


David had changed into a black velvet jacket.  Seb now had an interesting nubby wool tux jacket, I think with black velvet lapels, and the trousers looked kind of like dark grey crepe de chine.  I didn’t notice if Urs changed; Carlos stuck with the same suit the rest of night.  He doesn’t go for that flashy stuff lol.  Costume Change #2.


The boys left the stage to Heather now, and she sang Home.  At least, that’s what the program said, and I had never heard the song before so I can’t argue it.  It was kind of a blah song in my opinion, nothing memorable about it, but Heather did a nice job.  She has a great stage presence.  When she finished, David was standing in the wings stage right and applauding her, then all of a sudden he kind of jumped and grabbed a mic stand and brought it out to her, mumbling something like “I’m supposed to do this now” or something.


I think she started off the next song, Memory, and the boys joined her for a duet.  There were some nice night sky/shooting star graphics for this one.


Next came Unchained Melody.  I love this one.  It always give me a thrill when Urs/David are singing a duet, and they change lines mid-sentence so that the one who was singing high now sings low and vice versa.  They could leave this song in the set list forever as far as I’m concerned.


Carlos Chat was next.  He talked about how as a kid he was always singing for his parents and family —O Sole Mio over and over again — and doing little Carlitos Concerts at home.   At age seven he did his first professional appearance, singing in front of an audience of 1,000.  Way to go, Carlos!  


They finished off the first set with The Impossible Dream.  Great song, always enjoy their version.  At one point the guys were supposed to walk in line along the front edge of the stage, stage right to stage left, and Seb kind of stopped partway along.  Urs, following behind, kind of nudged him forward and he continued on to where he was really supposed to be.


Intermission followed.  The program said it would be 15 minutes; it was more like 30.  All the friends/family were pouring backstage at intermission, so I imagine they got distracted.  Sarah Joy Miller, her and David’s friend Ryan, and Kelly Phelan were there, seated in the 9th or 10th row of the center section.  There was quite a crew of production staff as well.  One of my friends said she saw Brian Burke, producer.


Second half opened with all the guys on the upper stage singing Who Wants to Live Forever.  This one got kind of a quiet reception.  I am guessing many of the NY musical theatre-going audience weren’t really that familiar with it.  We now had a staircase in the middle connecting upper and lower stages.


The guys had changed suits again (except Carlos).  We now had David in a black sequin jacket — wow! — Urs with silver sparkly studs on his lapels, and Seb with a pattern of what looked like black, marquis-shaped rhinestones on his lapels.  Costume Change #3.


The string section had left the upper stage and relocated into the pit.


Love Changes Everything was next, followed by The Winner Takes It All.


Now we got to hear Bring Him Home.  This is all Spanish on the album, but David started it in English.  Hallelujah!  I just love this song and, having heard David sing it solo at his gig at the Rosemont some years ago, it had to be a David start for me.  There was a gasp from the audience when he started, rightly so.  My brain short-circuited briefly, but I recall that David was downstage, stage left, so standing right in front of me <gasp>.  I believe Urs was mid stage, far stage right.  Carlos and Seb were on the stairs in the middle of the set.  There were no graphics, it was all black-and-white, and Seb/Carlos were lit with stripes of light like black prison bars.  (The character who sings this song in Les Miserables has spent many years in prison.)  The whole thing was beautiful; it was a real show-stopper for me.


Next was Music of the Night, a duet with Heather.  It got a big reception.  It started out with the guys arranged on either side of the stairs.  Heather appeared at the top wearing a pair of very high-heeled stilletos which would have killed me if I tried to wear them.  She very carefully came down the stairs while singing the opening lines, with the guys taking it in turns to offer a helping hand and handing her off to the next as she descended.  She arrived safely at the bottom without taking a header or catching her heel in her skirt.  Whew.  I had been holding my breath the whole time.


Heather soloed next with Run to You, a familiar Whitney Houston hit.  She talked about how she had just spent a year in London singing the lead in The Bodyguard in the West End.  They hope to bring this show to Broadway soon.  The entire show is scored with Whitney songs.  Heather’s version was beautiful, although I found her a little hard to hear at times throughout the evening.  She needs to cozy up to the mic a bit more or they need to increase the volume on her mic.  Urs handled mic stand duties for Heather for this song.


Urs Chat was next.  He talked about how he had been singing all his life and just loves it.  His father sang, his mother sang around the house all day doing her chores, Urs joined a children’s choir as a boy, did some church work, then sang in a hard rock band — “I had big hair.  You should have seen it.” — then went to conservatory and started doing oratorio, opera, and operetta before landing with Il Divo.  He said that even better than being able to sing was being able to sing with other people.


He talked about having been completely unfamiliar with the repertoire before they started this album.  He had seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Mary Poppins with German subtitles and loved them.  And he also loved the Wizard of Oz, which led right into the next song.


Urs started Over the Rainbow all alone on stage and he sounded just wonderful.  The audience really liked this one.  Personally, if I went to an Il Divo concert and this was the only song on the set, I’d go home happy.  It was a treat to hear it in the Christmas concerts some years back; I hope they keep it on the concert set list next year.  (And lock Mama in a trunk and leave her home for the next tour, please.  Give us Dentro un Altro Si instead.)


I Will Always Love You was next.  As they strolled around the pre-planned choreography, Seb got lost and ended up in the wrong place, then figured it out and scooted over, which amused David greatly.


Seb Chat was next.  He said he was also not very familiar with music theatre but he loved the film of West Side Story and the story of Tony and Maria and that he used to sing the Tony songs in the shower.  “Believe me, you wouldn’t want to be in the shower with me for that.”  I thought to myself “prove it” and somebody down front yelled out something similar and Seb said, “I heard that.”  Big laughs from the audience.


This was the introduction to Somewhere, which sounded wonderful as usual.


My Way followed, and there was quite a bit of joking around with The Curl, Seb sang one of his lines in French, Urs sang one of his lines in Swiss German (I guess).  David did not do his fake stumble on the stairs, because they did the whole song downstage and the staircase was avoided.  Urs gestured to David and said something which I imagine was “Here is where you stumble” lol.


We had a musical interlude while the guys changed clothes for the encore.  Some of the audience started leaving; apparently they could not read the program.


The encore was You’ll Never Walk Alone, and Costume Change #4 was:

Carlos - none

Urs - new jacket with angled white fabric inserts at the cuffs and white-edged lapels looking very avant-garde

Seb - new jacket with white fabric inserts in his lower sleeves, white-edged pockets

David - a really plush black velvet jacket with black satin inserts


At the very end Heather came back out in a new dress to take a bow with the guys.


Closing Thoughts — Odds and Ends


I enjoyed the show very much.  It had a bit of a tenative feel to it — first night jitters, I imagine — and the audience was not the typical diva audience you find on tours, for obvious reasons.  I imagine it will have a different feel Friday and Saturday when out-of-town divas start flooding in.


After the first song I kind of asked Seb with sign language how his throat was feeling, and he gave me back a hand gesture which said “I don’t know, it’s kind of iffy, we’ll see what happens” and I gave him back a “Go, Seb” thumbs-up.  However, I thought he actually sounded wonderful.  I saw him coughing a couple times, but I didn’t hear it affecting his voice.


One of the Japanese guests asked the head usher whether she could take photos and was told no, absolutely no cameras.  But near the end of the first half I started noticing camera flashes going off and several people in the first rows of the center section were taking pics.  At intermission a man asked if he could take photos and was told sure, most cameras were OK but they were not allowing the “big gear” or video.  So I took photos of the second half with my “little gear” uninterrupted by camera police.


There were two professional photographers stationed in the right aisle right next to me.  They had huge gear and noisy shutters, but it didn’t bother me much at first because I figured they were press and would just shoot the first two songs and then leave.  But no.  They shot the entire show, popping up and down there in the aisle with their huge lenses, the shutters slamming away through the whole show.  I hope that was a first-night-only phenomenon.  There was also a solitary, stationary video camera in the back of the room by the sound mixing station.  Maybe it was being videoed so the guys could review the show and see what they want to change?  This was not the type of set-up you would use if you were shooting a live concert film.


I heard there were also a couple people in the lobby with video cameras who were trying to interview audience members before the show.


It was so nice to see old familiar faces — Joanna, Joan, Kristin, Anne Marie, Margie, Tamaki — and meet some new ones.  There was a lady sitting right behind me who lives in Bath, England but had missed the last concert tour.  She had accidentally seen Il Divo on the theatre marquis and bought a last-minute ticket.  She was so thrilled to be there and said every song made her cry.


All in all, a fun evening, a good show — although I’m not a huge fan of the duet stuff — but I enjoyed it.  Looking forward to Broadway2 with more divas in the audience.


S e a t t l e, U S A

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Posted 08 November 2013 - 05:40 PM

I talked to Seb today at the Stage Door and asked him what he heard and how he heard the comment from the audience during his speech.  He said he heard "Wanna Bet" and he heard it through his ear monitor.

Well, I was sitting next to the sound mixing board in the back of the theatre and said "Wanna Bet" I thought I only said it load enough for my Mom to hear it but the mics that the sound guys use to say things to Seb picked my comment up.  Guess you need to watch and how load you say comments when you are sitting next the sound boards.


I am trying to put the picture I took when I said the comment but Photobucket won't cooperate right now but I will try to post it later


Changed to a different browser so here is the picture




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Posted 08 November 2013 - 07:39 PM

Hello Ladies


Here are my reports in Spanish, English, German and French






Este reporte empieza con la impresión que tuve al llegar a la Ciudad de Nueva York. Es tan grande como México DF,

sólo que en lugar de crecer horizontalmente, crece hacia arriba. Los edificios altos casi no dejan ver el sol. El Marriot Marquis

no es la excepción. Es un edificio tres veces más alto que la Torre Mayor en México DF, que es la más alta en América Latina.

Por eso, alberga tanto al Hotel, bares, restaurantes y el Marquis Theatre, que hasta hace muy poco estaba situado en otro lugar


El teatro no es muy grande. Da lugar a menos de 1000 personas y es más acogedor. Me gustó por este detalle. Siempre nos

gusta sentarnos junto a la salida. En cuanto acaba el evento, salir como suspiro, para no batallar con la salida de los demás. A mi

mamá no le gusta ver que la gente se acumule, ni a mí tampoco. Nos mareamos. Por eso, casi salimos "huyendo" :lol: de la multitud

Además teníamos que dormir temprano, cosa que no pudimos por el show que terminó mas tarde de las 12 am de jueves y

teníamos que estar en La Guardia a las 6 am para abordar hacia Toronto.


El show estuvo muy diferente de lo que acostumbramos. La obertura fue un breve recordatorio de las grandes piezas de los musicales más

famosas. Cuando se levanta el telón con la marquesina de afuera, y se encendieron las letras flasheando, y en un momento inesperado se encendió toda la luz blanca y apareciendo los 4 Chicos con su frac ( que ya extrañaba ese vestuario) y el aplauso no se hizo esperar.


Empezando con una breve introducción, empezaron con Tonight. Seb es el que se lleva esta canción. Ha mejorando tanto su forma de cantar que no se parece al que conocimos en 2004. Los demás, qué les puedo decir. Han madurado tanto su estilo que oírlos cantar las piezas es una maravilla. Con Impossible Dream con algunas variantes, siempre me hace llorar. No me gusta llorar de todo, pero no lo puedo evitar y es algo que no me gusta de mí misma.La mejor parte fue la primera, cuando cantan ellos sin hacer los duetos


La segunda parte, después de 25 minutos, salieron con otro vestuario, muy distinto a las demás presentaciones. Y aquí fue cuando ya intervino Heather. No canta mal, tiene un estilo muy lindo de cantar, pero los Chicos para dejarla como Primera Voz, parecen Coro de Escuela, si me permiten la comparación. No se oye mal y la intervención es muy buena


Y para finalizar con la presentación con My Way es donde siempre hacen bromas y es el detalle divertido del show.

El concierto con las canciones más famosas de las grandes Musicales, es parecido que si cantaran Arias de ópera. Que

son las partes más reconocidas de estas obras líricas. Y me encantó la forma de la organización, coreografías, vestuario, la tramoya.

Podríamos decir que es una Obra Musical diseñada para IL Divo en Broadway.


Desde niña escuchaba en la escuela que se iban a NYC al teatro a ver obras recién estrenadas, y me parecía algo fuera de lugar

Si querían ver una obra de teatro o Musical, en México hay muchos shows así, no era necesario ir a Broadway. Pero ahora, gracias

a que me pagan los gastos y puedo sugerir qué hacer, me doy gusto de ir y llevar a mi mamá conmigo.


No cenamos, dormimos muy poco y hoy jueves tuvimos qué correr para tomar el vuelo hacia Canadá. Llegando al hotel

tenía que presentarme a la oficina a las 12 pm para dar mi conferencia hasta las 6 pm, con un receso de una hora.


Pero ya puedo contar que fui a NYC para ver una obra musical recién estrenada, como cuando estaba en la escuela

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Posted 08 November 2013 - 08:02 PM




This report begins with the impression I had to get to New York City . It's as big as Mexico City,
only instead of growing horizontally , grows upward . Tall buildings  can not almost  see the sunlight. The Marriott Marquis
is not an exception . The building is three times higher than the Torre Mayor in Mexico City, which is the highest in Latin America.
Therefore,  the Hotel has,  bars , restaurants and the Marquis Theatre, which until  was located elsewhere very little time ago


The theater is not very big. It results in less than 1000 people and is more welcoming. I liked this detail. we always
like to sit next to the exit . As the event ends , go out and run away ,for  not fighting with the output of other people. My
Mom does not like to see crowd , and so do I. We dizzy . Therefore, almost walked out " fleeing " :lol: the crowd
Also we had to sleep early , which we could not by the show ended later than 12 am on Thursday and
had to be at La Guardia at 6 am to take off to Toronto .


The show was very different from what we are used to . The overture was a brief reminder of the great pieces of musical
famous . When the curtain rises with the marquee outside, and went on flashing letters , and at an unexpected time went on all the white light appearing with the 4 Guys frac (already missed that costume ) and the applause was not waited .


To begin with a brief introduction, began with Tonight. Seb is the one that takes this song .  He has improved both his singing that does not look like we met in 2004 .The other,ones have matured their singing styleand it is wonderful . With Impossible Dream with some variations, always makes me mourn . I hate mourn all, but I can not help and it's something I like about myself .The best concert part was the first one , when they sing without duets


The second part ,  25 minutes later, the Boys came out with another costume , very different from the other presentations . And this was when they stepped Heather . Not bad singing ,  she has a very nice singing style , but the guys should leave her as First Voice , they seems like a school Glee Club, if I may compare. It´s a very good performance.


And to end the end with My Way is when the Boys always make jokes and funny show detail .


The concert with the most famous songs of the great Musical shows. It is like they sing opera arias . They
are the most recognized  musical parts of these shows . And I liked organization stage , choreography , costumes, props .
This truly is a work designed to IL Divo Musical on Broadway.


Since I heard at school that people used  to NYC to the theater to see newly released works , and it seemed somewhat out of place
If you wanted to see a play or musical , in Mexico there are many shows , it was not necessary to go to Broadway . But now, thanks
to my enteprise pay the bills and I can suggest what to do , I can go  overthere and take my mom with me .


After the show, no dinner , weslept very little and we do run Thursday to take the flight to Canada. When we arrived at the hotel, I
had to go to the office at 12:00 to give my conference until 6 pm , with a break of one hour.


But I can say that I went to NYC for a new released musical work , as when I was in school

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Posted 08 November 2013 - 08:08 PM




Ce rapport commence par l'impression que je devais aller à New York. Il est aussi grand que la ville de Mexico ,
seulement, au lieu de plus en plus horizontale , pousse vers le haut. Immeubles de grande hauteur peuvent presque pas voir le soleil. Le Marriott Marquis ne fait pas exception . Le bâtiment est trois fois plus élevé que la Torre Mayor à Mexico, qui est le plus élevé en Amérique latine.
Par conséquent, les deux maisons de l'hôtel , des bars, des restaurants et du Marquis Theatre , qui jusqu'à récemment était situé ailleurs


Le théâtre n'est pas très grande . Elle se traduit par moins de 1000 personnes et est plus accueillant. J'ai aimé ce détail. nous avons toujours
vous asseoir à côté de la sortie. Comme l'événement se termine , sortir et soupir, ne pas se battre avec la sortie des autres. mon
Maman n'aime pas voir les gens construisent , ou moi non plus. Nous étourdi. Par conséquent, presque sorti " fuite " : lol: la foule
Aussi, nous avons dû dormir tôt, ce qui ne pouvait pas par le spectacle s'est terminé au plus tard 00 heures le jeudi et
devait être à La Guardia à 6 heures pour faire face à Toronto.


Le spectacle était très différent de ce que nous sommes habitués. L'ouverture a été un bref rappel des grandes pièces de musique
célèbre . Quand le rideau se lève avec le chapiteau à l'extérieur , et a continué clignotants lettres , et à un moment inattendu a duré toute la lumière blanche apparaît avec le 4 Guys frac ( déjà manqué ce costume ) et les applaudissements n'était pas attendre .


Commençant par une brève introduction , a commencé ce soir . Seb est celui qui prend cette chanson . A amélioré à la fois son chant qui ne ressemble pas à notre rencontre en 2004. D'autre part, ce que je peux dire. Ont mûri de les entendre style de chant est merveilleuses parties . Avec Impossible Dream avec quelques variations , me fait toujours pleurer . Je déteste pleurons tous , mais je ne peux pas aider et c'est quelque chose que j'aime à propos de moi-même misma.La meilleure partie a été la première , quand ils les duos chanter sans


La deuxième partie, après 25 minutes , est sorti avec un autre costume, très différent des autres présentations. Et ce fut quand ils sont venus Heather . Pas mal chanter, a un style très agréable de chanter, mais les gars de congé comme la première école Voice Choir semble , si je peux comparer . Vous n'entendez pas mal et l'intervention est très bon


Et pour finir la présentation avec My Way est l'endroit où je fais toujours des blagues et drôle montrer les détails.
Le concert avec les chansons les plus célèbres de la grande musique , c'est comme si chanter des airs d'opéra . qui
sont les plus reconnus de ces opéras. Et j'ai adoré la forme de l' organisation , de la chorégraphie , les costumes, les accessoires.
C'est vraiment un travail destiné à IL Divo musicale sur Broadway.


Depuis qu'elle a entendu à l'école qui allaient à New York au théâtre pour voir des œuvres nouvellement libérés , et il semblait un peu hors de propos
Si vous voulez voir une pièce de théâtre ou de musique, au Mexique il ya beaucoup de spectacles, il n'était pas nécessaire d'aller à Broadway. Mais maintenant , grâce pour moi, je peux payer les factures et de suggérer quoi faire , je tiens à aller prendre ma mère avec moi .


Pas de dîner, dormait très peu et nous ne courons jeudi pour prendre le vol à destination du Canada. En arrivant à l'hôtel
eu à me présenter au bureau à 12:00 pour donner ma conférence jusqu'à 18 heures , avec une pause d'une heure.

Mais je peux vous dire que je suis allé à New York pour une œuvre musicale retrouvée , comme quand j'étais à l'école

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Posted 08 November 2013 - 08:12 PM




Dieser Bericht beginnt mit dem Eindruck, den ich hatte , nach New York City zu bekommen. Es ist so groß wie Mexiko-Stadt,
nur statt zu wachsen horizontal , nach oben wächst . Hohe Gebäude fast nicht sehen können, die Sonne. Das Marriott Marquis
ist keine Ausnahme. Das Gebäude ist drei Mal höher als der Torre Mayor in Mexiko-Stadt, die die höchste in Lateinamerika ist .
Daher sind sowohl die Hotel beherbergt , Bars, Restaurants und der Marquis Theatre, die bis vor kurzem an anderer Stelle wurde entfernt

Das Theater ist nicht sehr groß. Es ergibt sich in weniger als 1000 Personen und ist mehr einladend. Ich mochte dieses Detail. Wir haben immer gerne neben dem Ausgang sitzen . Da die Veranstaltung endet , gehen raus und Seufzer , die nicht mit dem Ausgang des anderen zu kämpfen . Meine Mom nicht gerne sehen, wie Menschen zu bauen, oder mich auch nicht. Wir schwindlig. Daher ging fast out " auf der Flucht " :lol: das Publikum .Auch mussten wir früh schlafen, was nicht von der Show endete spätestens 12 Uhr am Donnerstag unD hatte am La Guardia bei 6 am bis nach Toronto beschäftigen.

Die Show war sehr verschieden von dem, was wir gewohnt sind. Die Ouvertüre war eine kurze Erinnerung an die großen Stücke der musikalischen
berühmt. Wenn der Vorhang mit dem Festzelt außerhalb steigt , und ging auf blinkende Buchstaben, und zu einer unerwarteten Zeit ging auf all das weiße Licht erscheinen mit dem 4 Guys frac (bereits verpasst , dass das Kostüm ) und der Applaus war nicht warten.

Beginnend mit einer kurzen Einführung begann mit heute Abend . Seb ist derjenige, der diesen Song nimmt . Verbessert hat sowohl seinen Gesang , die nicht aussieht , wie wir im Jahr 2004 erfüllt . Andere , was ich sagen kann . Gereift zu hören, wie sie singen Stil haben ist wunderbar Teile . Mit Impossible Dream mit einigen Variationen , macht mich immer trauern. Ich hasse alle trauern , aber ich kann mir nicht helfen , und es ist etwas, was Ich mag über mich misma.La beste Teil war der erste , wenn sie Duette singen sie ohne

Der zweite Teil , nach 25 Minuten kam mit einem anderen Kostüm, sehr verschieden von den anderen Präsentationen . Und das war , wenn sie Heather trat . Nicht schlecht singen, hat eine sehr schöne Art zu singen , aber die Jungs als Erster Voice Choir Schule verlassen scheinen , wenn ich vergleichen kann . Sie hören nicht böse und Intervention ist sehr gut

Und die Präsentation mit My Way Ende ist, wo ich immer machen Witze und lustige Detail zeigen .
Das Konzert mit den bekanntesten Songs der großen Musical, ist wie wenn singen Opernarien . dass
sind die meisten dieser Opern anerkannt. Und ich liebte die Form der Organisation , Choreographie, Kostüme, Requisiten .
Dies ist wirklich eine Arbeit entwickelt, um IL Divo Musical am Broadway.

Da hörte sie in der Schule , die nach New York zum Theater zu neu erschienenen Werke sehen gingen, und es schien, etwas fehl am Platz .Wenn Sie ein Theaterstück oder Musical, in Mexiko gibt es viele Shows sehen wollten , war es nicht notwendig, an den Broadway gehen . Aber jetzt , dank zu mir, ich kann die Rechnungen zu bezahlen und vorschlagen, was zu tun ist, gehe ich gerne und nehme meine Mutter mit mir.


Kein Abendessen , schlief sehr wenig und wir laufen Donnerstag den Flug nach Kanada nehmen . Bei der Ankunft im Hotel
musste mich ins Büro um 12:00 Uhr meinen Vortrag bis 18.00 Uhr geben vorstellen , mit einer Pause von einer Stunde.

Aber ich kann Ihnen sagen, dass ich nach New York ging für eine neu gewonnene musikalische Arbeit , als wenn ich in der Schule war

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Posted 09 November 2013 - 03:32 AM

Report from Laurene.....


Next was Music of the Night, a duet with Heather.  It got a big reception.  It started out with the guys arranged on either side of the stairs.  Heather appeared at the top wearing a pair of very high-heeled stilletos which would have killed me if I tried to wear them.  She very carefully came down the stairs while singing the opening lines, with the guys taking it in turns to offer a helping hand and handing her off on to the next as she descended.  She arrived safely at the bottom without taking a header or catching her heel in her skirt.  Whew.  I had been holding my breath the whole time.





It looks like the guys where anxious too......look at Urs  :D


I found this video on YT



Rocio......you did a amazing job like always! Glad you had a great time  :)

Hopfully you find the time to enjoy it also in Toronto.

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Posted 09 November 2013 - 12:03 PM

Here's my video of The Music of the Night from Thursday's show!



and My Way




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Posted 10 November 2013 - 01:11 PM

Laurene already posted the set list from the show but if you're interested in which musicals the songs come from, here you go!


1st Act


"Tonight" (from West Side Story)

"Some Enchanted Evening" (from South Pacific)

"If Ever I Would Leave You" (from Camelot)

"Who Can I Turn to?" (The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd)

"Don't Cry for Me Argentina" (from Evita)

"Can You Feel the Love Tonight" with Heather Headley (from The Lion King),

"Home" performed solo by Heather Headley (from The Wiz)

"Memory" duet with Heather Headley (from Cats)

"Unchained Melody" (from Ghost)

"The Impossible Dream" (from Man of La Mancha)

2nd Act


"Who Wants to Live Forever" (from We Will Rock You)

"Love Changes Everything" (from Aspects of Love)

"The Winner Takes it All" (from Mamma Mia)

"Bring Him Home" (From Les Miserables)

"Music of the Night" duet with Heather Headley (from The Phantom of the Opera)

"Run To You" solo by Heather Headley (from The Bodyguard)

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (from The Wizard of Oz)

"I Will Always Love You" (from The Bodyguard)

"Somewhere" (from West Side Story)

"My Way" (from Come Fly Away)


Encore: "You'll Never Walk Alone" (from Carousel)






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Posted 10 November 2013 - 04:03 PM

Some more pics from opening night!











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