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8th February - Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA - Grand West Casino

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Posted 26 October 2011 - 05:04 PM

For concert reports, photos and videos.

Please note the guidelines for the posting of pictures: We are asking that you limit the number of pictures you post in each thread to 30 pictures. This will make it easier for people to scroll through the threads, plus those with slow connections will surely appreciate it, too. Any pictures over the allotted number will be deleted. So, Choose carefully!Posted Image

If you wish to share more of your pictures, you can always post a link to the site where you have them posted )ie photobucket, etc.)

Most of all.........ENJOY!!!!!!Posted ImagePosted Image

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Posted 08 February 2012 - 06:38 PM

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Posted 08 February 2012 - 06:39 PM

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Posted 08 February 2012 - 06:40 PM

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#5 carlene



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Posted 09 February 2012 - 03:15 AM

Hi Everyone from Cape Town,

Still on cloud 9 ,the show was amazing !!!
The guys sounded so good , at the beginning of the concert the audience started quietly with their response but it grew more and more as the wonderful, outstanding quality music and singing encompassed everyone . The guys were awesome ! My lovely Carlos was breathtaking.His voice gives me the shivers.
The show ended with rapturous shouting clapping and stamping of our feet to show our appreciation , I am sure the guys loved it. They thoroughly deserved it.

Well 2012 tour has begun enjoy , enjoy

Love from the divas down South

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Posted 09 February 2012 - 04:30 AM

Check out the lovely pics (and video) from the interview yesterday!


I've cropped one of these to keep - guess which? :rolleyes:


Love to all,

Posted Image

Mis Bärli. Liäbi uf dä erschti Blikk ... oder Blinzli. (My dear little Swiss bear. Love at first sight ... or blinky ! )

#7 curtaincall


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Posted 09 February 2012 - 04:36 AM

Check out this awesome collection of photos of the show (sorry, I hate posting pictures here, it takes forever)


#8 shon



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Posted 09 February 2012 - 11:32 AM

Hi Everyone, Back home and ready for JHB concert - Please note that we had issues as cameras were forbidden - What I managed to load up on FB is what I could ,manage to get without being seen but David found it very funny that I was hiding to take pics - In answer to some quetsions - M&G was terribly organised - no drinks like last time - more attention to non fans than us who paid very high prices for it!No professional photographer - If I wasn't with the other divas - wouldn't have known where to get m&G pics - wasn't told at all!!!I'll only be posting pics on FB and will still write a detailed report on behalf of some of the divas to post here - Please bear with me as its a bit crazy on my side!!!!

Seb was adorable but Carlos seemed not himself and only loosened up a bit during 2nd act - this is very strange to me.merchandise is terrible - t-shirts only and programs - t-shirts very small and very poor quality!

OMG, did I mention that Urs had his arm around me???They recognised us from the airport - So happy they are staying in CT and hopefully taking in some sights!!!!

Will have both reports ready soon and post here!!!!

Anyone is welcome to use any of the pics on fb in the Il Divo South Africa group and post it and share!!!!Trust me, they are not the best quality but WE risked being thrown out just sooooooooooo that everyone could experience them!!!!

#9 laurene


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Posted 10 February 2012 - 02:01 AM


ACT ONE (various black tuxes)

Come What May
Dovè l'Amore
Nella Fantasia
medley: La Vida Sin Amor/Ti Amero/Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman/Angelina
Don't Cry for Me, Argentina
Every Time I Look at You
Unchained Melody
My Way

ACT TWO (grey suits/lavender ties)

Senza Parole
Si Tu Me Amas
Crying (David/Seb took Rebekah's part)
Ven a Mi
Regresa a Mi
Pourque Tu M'aimes Encore

ENCORE (tails)
Con te Partiro

no pics from me, camera confiscatedPosted Image

broke my arm a few days before concert, had surgery, was in hospital till day of concert, barely made it to Cape Town in time

on my way home now, will write report then

great show, so wonderful to see the guys again, even with painkillers lol


S e a t t l e, U S A

#10 shon



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Posted 14 February 2012 - 02:57 AM

Hi Everyone,
Firstly, Apologies for the report being so late!!!!
Where do I start???Ok, lets try it this way.
On the Saturday, 4th Feb 2012 we were quite excited knowing we’ll be seeing theDavid and Urs the next day!!!Alas, this was not meant to be – The Snowstorm in London prevented that!
Anxiously, Judith, Marcela and I started looking for any bit of information to see when our beloved Divos would be hitting South Africa and panic started setting in on whether we would have a concert at all!!!Fortunately we David and Urs arrived on the Monday safely in Johannesburg first and then took a connecting flight to Cape Town where we met them just a bit after 4pm – Judith, Marcela and I!!!!
OMG, I remember them coming down the passage through the domestic arrivals doors.We looked so weird to people around us but we didn’t care – Our divos were here and we were over the moon about it!!!! I started pointing to Marcela that they were coming and Urs saw me doing that – Our arms were full with bouquets of Proteas and Sunflowers and a Tour Book of Cape Town as well as cameras.
Needless to say we were nervous, excited and very anxious!!!!We had a game plan that didn’t quite work out as planned for the pictures at all!!!David and Urs was soooooooo friendly and full of smiles – They thanked us for the flowers and we totally gushed over them as to how happy we are that they were in South Africa!!!Time seemed to fly to fast and then they were off to the hotel!!!Tania was also with Urs but moved away once we ‘stormed’ them. I was in Uber heaven at that stage!!!
The following day – Tuesday – I was at the airport before 7am and waiting patiently as the other half of our beloved team was following!!!!Got a nice coffee fix and waited for Marcela to arrive as the guys flight was delayed by 1 and ½ hours at that time.Went to Woolies to look at their arreangement of flowers and saw that they had similar sunflowers and proteas bouquets– Waited for Marcela to arrive before buying – Marcela bought the Proteas and I took the Sunflowers again!

Judith was on her way and finally made it on time – The guys landed at 10h10 but 2 other flights from London landed at same time, so you can imagine how long we had to wait to see our beloved Carlos and Sebby!!!We were so nervous, I kept dialling Karien’s number without realising – LOL!!!!
Finally they came out and we stepped back to get them at a better and more quiet place in the passage of the International Arrivals. Carlos was in a bit of a hurry to get to the Hotel but allowed us to give the flowers to him and welcome him.I had Karien on the line and after giving Sebby my flowers and welcoming him to SA, asked him whether he would mind saying Hi to a huge fan of his – He said ‘Of Course’ – how sweet is this man????As he was chatting to Karien I took his pic one with him and noticed that I totally missed Carlos as off he went quite fast!!!Walked with Sebby on his way out and spoke to him – Telling him how happy we are they made it and Marcela asked how the kids and Renee were – He was so happy to hear that and told us that his family would be joining them in Australia.We asked what happened to the Sun City concert, he said that ‘Joe’ arranged it wrong!Joe you owe us an extra concert in SA!!!!
We continued to walk and then I excused myself to run after Carlos to get a pic.Managed to get him outside and asked him if I could take a pic of him – He said Yes and gave me a fabulous smile!!!!The lady from the promoter asked how we knew when they would be arriving – Told her to ask Carlos as we fans always know – Don’t these promoters not know how resourceful us divas are???Finally Il Divo Heaven.
Wednesday arrived – Still had no details of the M&G as we had no access to email.Called Big Concerts where Sophie – was so rude and nonchalant- not willing to assist at all!!!I finally managed to get details from Lesley – a CT diva who won a M&G pass – Thank heaven for that!!!!
Up until then Cape Town had been boiling and for the Wednesday, everything changed and fell into place – Great weather and a pending concert!!!WOW!!!!
When we arrived at venue, we managed to get tickets and were told there were only 13 M&G’s and that we start at 18h45.We ran overtime as other people were allowed in before us and finally it was our time.We asked that Juli,Anne Marie, Marcela,myself and my cousin Shaheen be allowed in together.
OMG, they recognised us and said it was nice to see us again!!!! Gave them their Gifts – All books of South Africa in some way or form.Marcela and Juli also gave them gifts – But I have no idea what it was!
We all took our pics and I asked if we could get a group picture and the ‘photographer’ said ‘sure, if you are quick’!!!YAY,we loved it!!!I accidently bumped into Sebby then and apologised profusely and he said that there was absolutely no reason to do so!!!This Man’s heart astounds me constantly and allows my Siren tendencies to just increase.We thanked them and were ushered out!!!Cameras were confiscated – Handed in!I managed to get mine in but never used it as my flash is very bright!!!
We waited about 45 mins before the guys arrived on Stage(Marcela,Anne Marie and Juli sat together – I was a few seats away in front row and so was Lesley and her friends and fam; Judith, Carlene and Janine were a few rows behind us) and oh my – My breath was literally taken away – It had been so long since I last saw them – their last tour!!!Then they starte doff on Te Amare!!!OMG, as J-Lo says, I had goosies!!!!!! The set list was sung as it was shown in the song list sent out!!!!Had a few cries in-between as it was amazing how on form the Guys were – esp David!!!Carlos was a bit distant and my heart was sad as we are always loving his Spanish Bravada(It did improve during the night) and he was just not himself!!!I think that maybe he was nervous, but that did not detract from him singing exceptionally well!
When they came to Medley – OMW!!!!We were completely blown away and Sebby fully enjoyed himself and danced away totally!!!Cameras was banned and after 1st Act I decided to play spy to get some pics!!! David saw me hiding my phone and taking pics and found it funny but the Guys were aware of us and smiled when I took pics of them!!!
When they did Hallelujah – What a surprising twist – and Llorando – OMG, talk about magnificent and mind-blowing!!!!Loved it!!!!The crowd was a bit conservative at first and as the evening progressed, they became more alive!!!!
When they finished Somewhere and a Standing Ovation and left the Stage, the crowd starting stomping their feet and clapping – demanding more!!!!With Time to say good bye, the Guys ended their 1st Successful Concert!!!
What we didn’t know at the time was that this 1st Concert could be improved on in Johannesburg – To our delight and happiness!!!!!
If I forgot anything, please forgive me!!!!

#11 laurene


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Posted 15 February 2012 - 12:34 AM


I'm sorry my report is somewhat abbreviated this time. I was on vacation in SA before the concert, broke my arm, had surgery, was released from hospital at 5 a.m. to catch a flight back to Cape Town the day of the concert. My dear, kind friend Pixie picked me up at the airport and took me to have my hair washed, else I wouldn't have dared to show my face at the venue.

So I couldn't use the Nikon one-handed and the little Canon was confiscated at the door. I probably couldn't have used it in the front row anyway….therefore no pics from me this time. I had my arm in a sling propped on my purse in my lap and just enjoyed the show.

I went with Pixie and a friend of hers. They had seen ID on the first tour at Kirstenbosch Gardens and were eager to see them again. We were in the front row near the end, stage right.

Stage set-up is standard upper/lower stage with a set of stairs connecting them and the orchestra split on either side. On either end were standard screens for live camera feed; and along the upper back of the stage was a long, narrow screen for the graphics.

There was a harp! There was plenty of guitar playing, but I could never spot the guitar player. Did anyone? Maybe he wasn't live….I couldn't spot French horns either….love French horns.

I couldn't take very detailed notes one-handed but here's what I can share.


(guys in various black tuxes and black ties)

The show opened late and without much fanfare, with the guys being revealed at the top of the stairs to sing Come What May in a SCDU formation.

Next I think they descended to the lower stage to sing Dove l'Amore.

Next was Adagio, wow!

Then came Nella Fantasia in the classic four-point formation on the stairs.

Then we had the medley: La Vida Sin Amor/Ti Amero/Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman/Angelina. This was done as a fast-paced set of dancy songs, and the guys were bobbing about quite a bit. I was thrilled finally to hear a new concert song from the very first album. I know many of us listed songs from that album in our top three yet-unperformed wish list. Alas only a portion of Ti Amero was included. But I have a note – I would swear that David and Urs switched parts from the album version at one point, though I can't tell you where. Ti Amero sounds very different from the album version.

Don't Cry For Me, Argentina was next. It got applause when the guys announced it, but then when David sang the beautiful, soft opening line there was a burst of spontaneous appreciation from the audience which took me by surprise.

The delightful Seb Moment which we all secretly hope for came in this song. Seb was singing his solo line "Have I said too much? There's nothing more I can think of to say to you" and it turned into something like "Have I said too much? I've forgotten the words here…" David dissolved into fits of laughter, and Urs's next line "All you have to do is look at me to know" was sung directly to Seb.

The audience got a big kick out of it, and after the song Seb sang his line correctly a cappella just to prove he could do it.

Next was Every Time I Look at You. In the intro they said that every time they do a new set list they think of taking it out, but somehow it always ends up in the show. It's one of my favorites; I hope they never cut it.

Passera was next in DUSC formation, followed by Senza Catene – always gets a big reception – and then the first half ended with My Way, performed with jocular abandon as it appeared in Dublin last year. There was a lot of horsing around.


(guys return in various grey suits with lavender ties, etc.)


It opened with Senza Parole (senzaaaaaaaaaaaa parole) and Seb sang an ornamentation I hadn't heard on the album. This could be an album mix vs. live mix thing, but I don't think so; I think it was new for the concert.

Melanconia was next and I enjoyed it, but for the final part the orchestra was way too loud and I couldn't hear the guys. And that's saying something.

Then Si Tu Me Amas, another fave of mine.

Next up was Mama.

Well. Okay.

While he introduced it, Carlos was talking about all the guys being in relationships except him, and someone in the audience shouted out "marry me!" to which one of the other guys said "she'll need to be a magician." Then there was a comment about "behind every good man is a good woman. Or man." There was a lot of ad libbing going on that night…

I think the four stools appeared about this point, and unfortunately they were stage left so the guys were wayyyyy far away. Although in the front row, I found it better to watch the big screens.

Hallelujah was next and the audience was absolutely enthralled.

After this there was quite a bit of ad lib chat which resulted in an off-the-cuff, three-part version of The Wheels on the Bus Go 'Round and 'Round being sung, to the great delight of the audience.

Each of the guys took turns doing the chat, of course, and it was very free-wheeling (read rambling, lol) with Seb and Carlos especially. When David's turn came he said, "You know, we rehearsed this show, but the script just said 'Seb chats here' or 'Urs chats here.' I guess you can tell it didn't actually say what the chat should be."

We've come a long way from the days when every line was scripted and they hardly ever deviated. They are much more comfortable with a loose show now, and I like it that way. Several people I spoke to that night kept exclaiming about what good friends the guys seem to be and how much fun they were having on stage.

Crying was up next. I was very curious to see how they would handle this one, and my notes say they divided Rebekah's part among Seb, Carlos, and David, I think…..there's vid of this out now which tells the real story. I'm probably all mixed up (painkillers, lol).

Ven a Mi came next. When David sang his first solo line he sang it in English – "stay with me" – and I swear I heard a sigh go 'round the audience.

Now the guys exited stage right and returned in a state of dishabille <blushing> with some jackets discarded, some ties undone, some sleeves rolled up. I felt the temperature in the arena rise a couple of degrees.

Now, for the first time really, Urs was down at my end, stage right, in UCDS line-up. (I missed you, hon. You were away far too long.)

Then we rolled into Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore, and here I have to complain. Of necessity there is far less choreography in this show than on the last big arena tour, but the choreographer really should have reviewed some old fan video, because the whole part where Urs sings "Fallait pas commencer…." while doing his little sashay/pose/pivot/watch me walk up the stairs thingie is gone!!! This is a major blow to Ubers everywhere, I think……aaarghhhhhhhh. I was reeling in shock and almost missed the next song:

Somewhere. This used to be the cue for fans to approach for some close-up time, but the guys stayed well back from the edge of the stage. There was a row of little footlights all the way across the edge which made it impossible to sit there.

Big finale, exit, pause while the orchestra continued to play and the lights stayed down. A booming applause built up and the people in the side sections were stomping on the floor and setting up quite a noise.

Then the guys reappeared at the top of the stairs, all in tails, to sing Con te Partiro. They walked down to the main stage while singing, but again there were no apparent opportunities for fans to approach the stage. A few girls ran up at the very end hoping for autographs, but the guys were gone.

The audience had started off a bit cool, I thought, but by the second half they were pretty heated up. It's a pity the audience contact part has been removed. (Maybe there will be a chance for it at the Oz concerts?) But this is a traditional part of the show which is very dear and important to the divas, and the more casual part of the audience really enjoys it also. It sets Il Divo apart and makes the show especially memorable, and IMO it is a serious mistake to eliminate it. Maybe the show will evolve to include it again.

Well, I was just thrilled to be there, even more so because I had to fly straight home the next day and miss the Johannesburg concert. When the guys started singing, all my pain and discomfort disappeared, it's really true. The guys all sounded just terrific and were having a great time, despite opening night nerves. Every audience member I spoke to kept expressing how overwhelmed and impressed they were by the live performance.

This was my first visit to South Africa, and it's an incredibly beautiful place. I found the people without exception to be delightfully pleasant and helpful, esp. after I stupidly broke my arm. Cape Town's natural setting is just stunning, although there was a gale blowing when I arrived and I was almost knocked down a couple times. I have no concert pics, but I have some pics from the first couple days of my visit here if anyone is interested to see a little bit of the country: http://flickr.com/gp...[email protected]/9goA7E/

Many thanks again to my friend Pixie for everything and for going to the concert with me. And thanks to Il Divo for a wonderful evening.

Now my right index finger is very tired. I'm going to put it on the sofa and offer it a glass of wine.


S e a t t l e, U S A

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Posted 17 June 2013 - 04:45 PM

This section has now been locked down into an archive full of fabulous memories of Il Divo's 2012 World Tour. Because of this, there can be no more postings into this thread. If you suddenly find any photos of this show that you’d like added, please pm one of the mods, and we’ll edit them into this final post on your behalf.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your concert experiences. Here’s to the memories. :)


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